New software programs are helping companies save time and money. Work Order Management software can help your company better manage your maintenance, work orders and cleaning. Here is what you need to know:

What does Work Order Management (WOM) Software do?

WOM manages maintenance related data. This includes tracking how often preventative maintenance procedures need to be performed. Then it automates the scheduling of work orders related to that maintenance. This helps maintenance departments work more efficiently and reduce equipment downtime. They also help companies plan for specific outages. 

How Does WOM Software Work?

There are three elements: operator interface, reporting dashboard and administrative tools. The operator interface allows users to submit service requests.  Administrative tools allow for limited access to work order templates. The reporting dashboard gives managers tools to track and increase operations efficiency.

How Much Does WOM Software Cost?

The cost can vary, depending on the number of users, the specialized features and how the software is deployed. But, because the program can often save a company money, it is best to look at the return on investment.

What Determines Return On Investment?

There are four metrics for determining if the software will help your company save money by using this software: asset lifecycle, downtime, labor and utilities. The software should increase the lifecycle of your company assets by creating an easy to follow preventative maintenance schedule. This type of schedule should also reduce asset downtime for repairs. The software also helps to forecast labor project hours and costs. Also, well maintained assets should lead to lower gas, electricity and water costs.

System4 Washington D.C. – Your Partner for Better Productivity

Choosing the right work order management software can be overwhelming, but a user-friendly and feature-rich platform will help reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance team member compliance. System4 Facilities Service Management offers a work order management software called ServiceSync at no additional cost to clients! Contact System4 today to learn more about the features and benefits of ServiceSync.

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