Parents and children are preparing for an unprecedented “Back to School” season. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children will learn best by returning to school during Covid-19, despite the risks associated with the disease. They say that, so far, children are less likely to have severe complications from COVID-19.

School Policies Are Important

There are many uncertainties, but there are things schools can do to help children, faculty and staff stay safe this fall.

  1. Enforce physical distancing. School faculty and staff should maximize conditions for children to remain 6-feet apart. Adults and mature students should wear masks.
  2. Encourage hand washing. Give students and teachers consistent opportunities throughout the day to wash their hands with soap and water.
  3. Limit physical interaction between students. Ideas for how to do this include:
    1. Requiring teachers to move to different classrooms, instead of the students.
    2. Letting students eat lunch in classrooms, instead of in the lunchroom.
    3. Leaving doors open so kids do not have touch doorknobs.
  4. Remind everyone that they should stay home if they have a fever or any other signs of illness.
  5. Clean the school often. Follow CDC guidelines for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces in classrooms and all common areas.

Good planning will be extremely important to helping parents, children, faculty and staff enjoy a safe and stable school year.

System4 Can Help, Too

System4 Facilities Services Management leads the industry in commercial cleaning and disinfecting. We create customized solutions to meet your school’s unique needs. Our vast network of experienced, vetted service providers is well-prepared to provide services to any facility type.

System4 is a single point of contact for all types of cleaning and disinfecting. Whether it is a specialty deep clean before students return. Or just help disinfecting of high touch point surfaces.

Let’s Make This School Year Great

System4 is here to help you promote a healthy and safe school year! Let’s keep our children safe by providing them with the means to expand their knowledge in a clean and healthy environment. Learn more about what we can do to protect your school and keep kids safe when they begin returning to school during Covid-19.

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