If you are a property manager, as cooler weather begins to roll in, you may be scheduling fall landscaping and preparing your property for the mild, wet, Metro Alexandria, VA winter weather. Here is a suggested checklist to help complete preparations quickly and efficiently. With a mix of rain, ice and occasional snow, we recommend preparing for weather changes and tackling the following tasks before winter.

Property Maintenance Tasks to Complete Now

  1. Clean out gutters – Gutter build up will continue to build up during the fall season, but it is still a good time to clean out old debris. This will prevent water, snow and ice from building up on the roof and causing water damage.
  2. Inspect your HVAC system – Be sure that furnaces and other heating elements are ready for use before they are needed.
  3. Protect flooring – Georgia’s wet winter conditions can cause major damage to your flooring. We recommend that you place large heavy-duty door mats for entryways. This will protect floors from water, mud, salt and other debris that could harm the flooring in the property.
  4. Prepare for inclement weather – Freezing rain, snow and sleet are always a possibility in the Alexandria, VA area. We recommend that you keep some salt on hand to melt ice on steps and pathways on your property.
  5. Beware of termites and other critters – Moisture attracts termites. It is a good idea to reduce mulch usage and keep standing wood away from the property in order to prevent termite damage. Cold weather can push bugs and rodents to seek shelter indoors, so inspect the outside of the property for possible access points and seal them.

Partner with System4

System4 can help you prepare your property for the upcoming weather changes. We will ensure that your list is handled quickly and professionally. We can customize our services to meet your facility’s needs. We have service providers for all kinds of maintenance and cleaning services. Contact us for a free estimate!

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